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KAVEMA is a company that resulted from the repositioning of the Mangrup company, which specializes in providing bearings for the mining and extracting industry.

Using the technical and commercial experience of almost two decades within Mangrup, since 2016 KAVEMA addresses the railway industry and sells a variety of products, components and systems of world leaders in railway design and production.

Given the fact that the railway industry has developed at a fast pace, KAVEMA has continued in detail the careful selection of railway products using the latest technologies. KAVEMA sells railway components from SKF and Faively Transport and ZF Austria.



The KAVEMA team offers you a wide range of spare parts, structures and railway products and provides you with detailed technical information. We aim to provide innovative products and high quality railway bearings to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers.

The performance of the activity in a rigorously regulated sector such as the railway, determined us to make a mission of fully complying with technical and commercial regulations.

Any verification performed during our supply-delivery chain proves the existence of a complete and correct documentation, in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customer, but also with the batch of products.

We also guarantee that the products will be delivered to you on time and in accordance with commercial documents.

KAVEMA is constantly focused on creating value for its customers, business partners and employees, as well as improving its trading system.


KAVEMA offers bearings of different configurations for special applications in traction motors and gearboxes.
KAVEMA provides a variety of reliable, robust, compact and light bearings that withstand hostile, contaminated or high humidity environmental conditions, as well as fluctuations in speed, temperature, load, vibration and shock.

KAVEMA offers you SKF bearings. Their essential feature is a high reliability, which allows their maintenance over extended periods of time.

KAVEMA offers its customers bearings with innovative design, starting from standardized and adaptable configurations, such as deep groove ball and deep groove ball bearings and up to customized configurations such as tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, radial-axial ball bearings with four-point contact or precision radial-axial bearings.

Boghie subsystems

KAVEMA will provide complementary products such as additional subsystems for bogie applications.
These subsystems contribute to the extension of service life by reducing wear and maintenance requirements for railway bogies, thus achieving minimum operating cycle costs and increased reliability.

SKF AMPEP high-performance self-lubricating bearings are an excellent solution for applications where bearing pressures are high, slow movement and maintenance is difficult or impossible.

SKF has developed joints containing special spherical bearings, which offer increased mobility and access efficiency, while ensuring high passenger safety and increased comfort.


KAVEMA lubricants distribute high quality SKF grease for bandage lips and rail crowns. Provides a wide range of lubricants, greases and oils to choose the right composition and method of lubrication. These products contribute substantially to the reduction of wear, friction, noise and – being biodegradable – to the reduction of pollution.

KAVEMA‘s intelligent lubrication system includes applications subject to hostile environmental conditions and high vibrations.


To meet the needs of the railway industry, KAVEMA continued to diversify its product offering. Thus, starting with 2015, the company sells components for axle attachments related to DESIRO SR 20 D and LE 5100 kW motor vehicles, respectively.
The main gears of these motor vehicles have become OSIM registered trademarks of our company.

Gearbox components for Desiro SR 20 D motor vehicles. Trademarks.
Gears for LE 5100 sold as registered trademarks KAVEMA.

Brake discs

Shock absorbers, telescopes


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